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  • NASA optimizes the search for new life in the Universe

    Many scientists believe that in our Galaxy man is not the only intelligent living creature. There is no actual confirmation of this hypothesis yet, but researchers know what to look for and where. To minimize false positives in the search for extraterrestrial life, NASA plans to launch a new mission.

    NASA optimizes the search for new life in the Universe

    On the wrong path space station, engaged in the search for living organisms on other planets, pushes the content in the atmosphere of methane and oxygen. Alas, despite the well-established opinion that the presence of these gases indicates the existence of microbial, plant or animal life, but in practice, this is not always confirmed.

    For example, red dwarfs are capable of emitting huge amounts of ultraviolet light, which once in the atmosphere of extrasolar planets, separates the carbon from the molecules of carbon dioxide. The remaining molecular oxygen devices and recorded as a sign of life on the planet.

    NASA plans to launch a suborbital spectrograph capable of studying planets in the UV range with a wavelength of 100 to 160 nanometers — a range that is not available to most modern telescopes. Artificially irradiating the atmosphere of the planets, scientists will be able to find out where the released oxygen indicates the possible presence of life, and where it is the result of a Physico-chemical reaction.

    Observations will be conducted for the NGC 6826 nebula this year, and from 2020, the mission SISTINE will study alpha Centauri A and B.

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