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  • NASA is investigating the first cybercrime in space

    Retired U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Summer Warden said the case was the first crime in space history that was committed in outer space. One of the current American astronauts on the ISS and a personal computer on board the station are the defendants in this unusual case.

    NASA is investigating the first cybercrime in space

    According to Warden, her ex-wife Ann McClain, while on the ISS, used an on-board computer to gain illegal access to her bank accounts. The victim found out about the incident during a visit to the bank, when experts found that unauthorized access to the account was carried out from a computer registered as NASA property.

    Warden immediately transferred the information to the US Federal Trade Commission and the space organization, clarifying that not a single cent was spent, but only an invoice was verified. Suspect Ann McClain denies all charges. She notes that she did come in to check the family account, but only with the permission of Warden, emphasizing that she had done this before, without causing any misunderstanding on the part of the plaintiff.

    McClain collaborates with the investigation and is confident that she has not done anything illegal. As noted by the New York Times, all countries operating the ISS have established procedures for resolving various legal disputes while astronauts are at the station - this fact can make the investigation even more confusing. If the guilt of the astronaut is proved, then this case will be the first crime in the history of astronautics committed in outer space.

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