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  • Most flashlight apps for Android are recognized as potentially dangerous

    You can find hundreds of flashlight apps on Google Play that let you control your smartphone’s flash. However, an Avast security expert found that some of them contain viruses, and the vast majority of the rest are requesting an absurd amount of permissions for their work.

    Most flashlight apps for Android are recognized as potentially dangerous

    According to Luis Corrons, on Google Play he managed to find 937 applications that allow you to use your smartphone as a flashlight. Seven of them contain malicious code, and it is dangerous to install them on devices. 408 programs require only 10 permissions or less, which seems like an acceptable number, but the other 262 applications ask for 50 or more permissions, which is about a third of the total number in the Android operating system.

    Most flashlight apps for Android are recognized as potentially dangerous

    The expert noted that in some applications the requested permissions were justified, but this is more likely an exception to the rule. In most cases, the actions of these programs cannot be explained. For example, 21 software asks for access to contact management, 77 for microphone and sound recording, 155 for making calls, 282 for closing background tasks. Recall that we are talking about simple applications that simply turn the flash of a smartphone on and off.



    “Even if the intentions of the developers were not evil from the beginning, this may change over time. For example, your phone may be infected with malware or your data will simply be stolen, ”warns Louis Corrons.


    Note that in Android 5 Lollipop, the flashlight function is already built into the system and the need for such applications has disappeared. In addition, when installing new programs, you always need to carefully look at what permissions they ask.

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