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  • More than 34 thousand infected with coronavirus were detected in the world in a day

    As of 10:30 am Saturday, there were 261,886 people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus in the world, the number of victims of the infection reached 11,167, and more than 88 thousand patients recovered, the South China Morning Post newspaper reports.

    During the day, the number of confirmed cases in the world increased by 34,048 people, and the number of deaths - by 1,327.

    More than 34 thousand infected with coronavirus were detected in the world in a day

    In Europe, Italy continues to "lead" in the number of sick and dead. As of Friday evening, 4,032 deaths were recorded in the country as a result of the disease caused by coronavirus -  627 more than a day earlier.

    In Spain, 19 980 patients were recorded (1,002 died), Germany - 13 957 (44), France - 12 612 (450), Switzerland - 4 176 (43), Great Britain - 3 983 (177), the Netherlands - 2 994 (106 ), Austria - 2,388 (six), Belgium - 2,257 (37), Sweden - 1,623 (16), Norway - 1,552 (six), Denmark - 1,255 (nine).

    In the USA, on Friday evening, 17,251 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded with 201 deaths.

    In Asia, China remains the first, where since December last year the number of coronavirus victims in the country amounted to 3,255 people, 81,008 cases of the disease were registered. Of these, 3,139 died in the epicenter of infection in Hubei Province, 67.8 thousand fell ill.

    At the same time, 41 new cases of infection were registered on the mainland during the day, all in people who arrived from abroad. There are no new infected people inside the country for the third day.

    In South Korea, 147 new cases of infection and eight deaths were registered over the past day, the total number of infected people reached 8,799, and 102 died.

    In Iran, the number of victims reached 1,433 with 19,644 infected.

    Less than 1 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in more than 150 countries and regions of the world.

    The South China Morning Post is a Hong Kong newspaper that provides an online count of the number of patients who died and were cured, based on official data from the respective countries.

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