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  • Mijia LCD Digital - Xiaomi introduced a drawing tablet with autonomy of 365 days

    On its own crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi launched a new device that will not only save on paper but also get a pleasant experience from using a digital analog of a slate board. The company introduced the Mijia LCD Digital tablet with a stylus in the kit and the ability to work for a year without recharging.

    Mijia LCD Digital

    The gadget is presented in two versions with a screen diagonal of 10 and 13.5 inches. The tablet uses a pressure-sensitive LCD. A light magnetic stylus is attached to one of the faces, the weight of which is only 7 grams.

    The idea of Xiaomi's new product is the ability to use to quickly create notes, calculations, drafts or annotations anywhere without using a pen and paper. Another gadget use case is teaching children how to draw.

    Mijia LCD Digital

    There are similar solutions on the shelves of Chinese online stores, but Xiaomi notes that it has introduced several design changes to the display, increasing its contrast and accuracy. According to the manufacturer, the feeling of drawing with the device is the same as when using paper and a pencil, and the screen itself is completely safe for the eyes. From one replaceable battery, the tablet can work up to 365 days with 100 cleaning cycles of the display per day.

    The price of a 10-inch tablet Mijia LCD Digital is $6, a model with a 13.5-inch screen will cost customers $14.

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