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  • Mankind has exhausted a year's supply of renewable resources ahead of time

    Despite the active consumption of earth's resources, our planet is able to restore them over time. But this year, humanity will have to "borrow from the planet", because of the allocated amount of renewable resources we have already consumed.

    Mankind has exhausted a year's supply of renewable resources ahead of time

    The so-called "day of ecological debt" came in July. Analysts warn that with the current consumption of resources we need 1.75 Land. If the appetites of the entire population of our planet were comparable to the consumption of the United States, it would not be enough to maintain life and five balloons. With Germany's demands, it would take three Lands.

    The critical point when humanity has used all the resources that the Earth is able to restore for the year was July 29. Experts took into account the consumption of wood, fish industry, arable land. Exhaustible resources such as oil are not included in the list.

    But the main threat that man poses to the Earth is the excessive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to the growing number of transport and operation of coal-fired power plants. Thus, in Germany, the CO2 level has not decreased since 2009.

    In 2018, the world environmental debt day fell on August 1. In 1987 — 19 December, in 2000 — 23 September. Every year it is "celebrated" earlier and earlier, and extreme changes in weather, floods, and droughts, heat waves and hurricanes are recorded by meteorologists more often.

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