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  • Intel released a new generation of Comet Lake-H mobile processors

    Intel has introduced a new line of branded mobile processors of the Comet Lake-H family for gaming laptops. The main features of the new products are high clock speeds, support for HyperThreading technology and high performance in various scenarios - from creating content to launching demanding game hits.

    Intel released a new generation of Comet Lake-H mobile processors

    A key characteristic of the new CPU family is the increased clock speeds compared to its predecessors. In addition, processors have got memory controllers with support for DDR4-2933 MHz modules with a total volume of up to 128 GB. In some models of the 2020 line, the Intel AX201 wireless module is integrated, providing access to the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard.

    The chips are manufactured using a 14-nanometer process and are positioned as effective solutions for professional users and gamers. The declared thermal package of all new products is 45 W.

    Intel released a new generation of Comet Lake-H mobile processors

    The Comet Lake-H line includes six models with a number of cores from four to eight. The flagship of the series, the eight-core Core i9-10980HK, supports Hyper-Threading technology (16 threads) and a maximum frequency of 5.3 GHz on a single core, provided there is an effective cooling system and active Thermal Velocity Boost mode. Another advantage of the top chip is the unlocked multiplier, which allows you to overclock the processor. According to Intel, the performance gain of Core i9-10980HK compared to Core i7-7820HK is from 23% to 54%, depending on the usage scenario.

    The 8-core Core i7-10875H model, according to Intel representatives, is aimed at the professional market. More affordable six-core Core i7-10850H and Core i7-10750H (12 threads, 12 MB of cache), as well as Quad-core Core i5-10400H and Core i5-10300H (8 threads), will debut as part of mainstream consumer models.

    It is expected that about 100 new models of laptops based on processors of the Comet Lake-H family will be presented in the near future. Manufacturers are also preparing to release about 20 premium devices, the list of which will be announced later.

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