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  • Intel, Google, Qualcomm and others will support lifting sanctions against Huawei

    In connection with the sanctions imposed by the United States against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei expressed concern and a number of other technology partners. The leaders of the largest companies in the industry intend to negotiate with the US government to ease the bans.

    Intel, Google, Qualcomm and others will support lifting sanctions against Huawei

    The meeting will be headed by white house economic adviser Larry Kudlow. Among the invited companies are leaders in the semiconductor and software industry, including Intel, Google, Micron and Qualcomm. In the list of expected interlocutors of the meeting, there is Broadcom with Microsoft, but there is no official confirmation of their appearance yet. The representative of the government noted that the issue of Huawei will be discussed, but this is not the main reason for the meeting.

    The future cooperation of American companies with Huawei is still very ghostly after getting the manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the blacklist of the administration of President Trump, who suspects the concern of a threat to national security.

    As a result, dozens of us companies are faced with a situation where they can not sell most of the US components due to the lack of appropriate licenses. Donald Trump also stressed that in June, all deliveries of American firms were to resume after the start of negotiations with Beijing. But what vector of cooperation with Huawei was chosen by the US government is still unclear.

    Secretary of the Ministry of trade Wilbur Rossi said that licenses will be issued, but only where there is no threat to national security. This may take several weeks. American companies are interested in removing all restrictions from Huawei, as the sanctions have affected their own business. In turn, the Chinese manufacturer plans to completely abandon American technologies in two years. Rumor has it that Huawei is even interested in the Russian processor "Elbrus", which could be used in its own equipment.

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