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  • In the laboratory created an artificial Sun

    Attempts to study the only star in the Solar system that provides life on our planet are complicated by the fact that it is several million kilometers from the Earth, and its temperature does not allow satellites and spacecraft to approach. Therefore, scientists decided to recreate the Sun in the laboratory.

    In the laboratory created an artificial Sun

    On the creation of an artificial Sun began to work to study the properties of the solar wind and plasma. The miniature working model has its own electromagnetic field and ultra-high plasma. To build an aluminum vacuum chamber was created with a width of 3 meters, which was nicknamed "Big red ball".

    In the center of the model placed a magnet that simulates the magnetic field of the Sun, and then began to pump helium into the chamber in order to ionize the gas and convert it into plasma. By applying an electric current, the researchers were able to make the plasma rotate.

    In the laboratory created an artificial Sun


    "We know that the Sun is a rotating plasma ball. That is why we create a plasma in this dipole magnet, spin it and observe what happens to the mixture of positively and negatively charged particles. All this happens at high temperatures" - Ethan Peterson, a graduate student of the faculty of physics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the author of the experiment.

    Scientists are trying to confirm or refute the theoretical conclusion about the solar wind and the heliospheric magnetic field, which was formulated in 1958. The created model will continue to be used to study the separation of plasma droplets and behavior in the formation of wind.

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