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  • In China, Artificial Intelligence Helps Detain Killer

    While eminent IT experts discuss the dangers of artificial intelligence, neural networks bring real benefits to people. And it's not just about entertainment like aging celebrities in the photo. In China, thanks to AI managed to detain a dangerous criminal.

    In China, Artificial Intelligence Helps Detain Killer

    A 29-year-old resident of Fujian province was convicted of killing his girlfriend in a money scandal. After the death of the woman, he tried to get a loan in her name using a banking application that requires a face scan to confirm the identity.

    For identification, the criminal used the photo of the dead girl. He did not take into account that the application asks to wink. The system didn't detect eye movement at the right time. In addition, artificial intelligence recognized the male voice, although the documents credit was to get a woman.

    Information about possible fraud was automatically transferred to the security service of the Bank, and its employees transferred the received video and audio recording to law enforcement agencies. The photo showed bruises and bruises on the woman's face. The police immediately began to search and found the offender at the time when he was trying to get rid of the evidence.

    Before the murder, he used the girl's phone to withdraw $4,200 from her Bank account. At the same time, he sent to parents of the victim the message on her behalf that allegedly leaves for some days to have a rest. It would seem, the criminal provided everything — except the existence of artificial intelligence which helped to expose him.

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