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  • In Canada, invented an unusual method of launching satellites

    With the development of space technology, the creation of satellites has become available even for small companies. The only problem is the output of the device into near-earth orbit: as a rule, all launches from launch sites are painted for months ahead and cost customers a round sum. Canadian startup SpaceRyde announced an original alternative to the traditional launch of the launch vehicle from the ground platform.

    In Canada, invented an unusual method of launching satellites

    As a rule, to launch one or two small satellites do not require a huge carrier: space "passengers" just going in one "bus to orbit". SpaceRyde offers to attach miniature rockets to a stratospheric balloon, launching engines much closer to their destination than in the traditional way of launching from the ground. Despite the reduced payload, this method of delivery will be cheaper for the customer and will reduce the waiting time for the launch.


    "Just getting these little satellites into orbit, even if they have money — is a big problem. They have to wait until the right conditions are created — and only then, if there is a place, they can join the trip. So it's more or less like a bus. We want to provide them with taxi services: they buy a whole rocket, and we provide the payload that small satellite companies usually use in one launch," says one of the founders of SpaceRyde.

    Earlier this year, the startup has already launched a stratospheric balloon with a compact launch platform and a small rocket. The test passed with defects, but, according to entrepreneurs, the fault was associated with the problems of the engine carrier, which are easy to fix. The next test launch is scheduled for 2020. It is expected that in case of successful implementation, the launch of the satellite into orbit by the SpaceRyde method will be twice cheaper than the current prices.

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