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  • Huawei introduced the operating system HarmonyOS for smartphones and smart devices

    At the annual developer conference, Huawei introduced a universal operating system called HarmonyOS. According to the developers, it is suitable for all types of modern electronic devices, and its key features are stability, security and high speed of application response.


    On assurance of the General Director of Huawei Richard Yu, HarmonyOS first operating system, the microkernel which allows scalability to ensure safety. Unlike Android, Huawei does not have root access as a phenomenon, and all encrypted data is stored outside the kernel.

    During the development process, Huawei programmers took into account four main criteria that the new OS should meet:

    • Seamless - Thanks to the distributed architecture, applications are written for HarmonyOS will be able to work on different types of devices, providing comfortable interaction in any use case. In the list of supported devices, in addition to smartphones — smartwatches and displays, screens and speakers, TVs and car on-Board computers.
    • High performance - HarmonyOS will solve problems of performance degradation due to resource allocation is primarily the task of higher priority that will reduce delays in the execution of the application by 25.7%. Microkernel can increase the efficiency of interaction between processes five times compared to existing systems.
    • Security - The microkernel of the system is about 1000 times smaller than the Linux kernel. It is represented by the most basic services and services, such as flow planning, and all confidential information is stored outside of it. Due to the significantly smaller amount of code HarmonyOS significantly reduces the attack surface.
    • Universality - HarmonyOS offers a universal development environment. The application can be created regardless of the diagonal and display resolution — its further adaptation will take place without the participation of the developer.



    "Today we are entering an era of total connectivity, where people want to get a uniform experience when working with any digital devices, in a variety of scenarios, with the perfect interaction between them. To meet these expectations, we needed to create an operating system with improved cross-platform compatibility. HarmonyOS are fundamentally different from Android and iOS. It has a robust and secure architecture and supports seamless communication between different digital devices," Richard Yu said.

    During the presentation, Huawei representatives noted that Google is developing a similar system. Chinese tech giant managed to get ahead of the competition — the new system will be pre-installed on TV HONOR Vision Smart TV, sales of which will start on August 10. In the future, HarmonyOS will be optimized and gradually implemented on other smart devices, including wearable electronics and car multimedia centers.

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