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  • HUAWEI announced its first motherboard for desktops

    HUAWEI already has its own Kirin mobile processors and network equipment in its portfolio, and now the company has expanded its product range with computer components. The new motherboard for kunpeng's proprietary 7nm processors is designed for use in consumer PCs and is already being prepared for market entry.

    HUAWEI announced its first motherboard for desktops

    The motherboard supports PC-Express 3.0 interface, is equipped with six SATA 6 Gb/s ports, two M.2 slots are compatible with DDR4-2400 RAM (four channels) with the ability to install up to 64 GB and supports ECC modules.

    The list of connectors on the rear panel includes a 25-gigabit Ethernet port, four USB Type-A 3.0 and four USB Type-A 2.0. The Kunpeng motherboard supports dual-core and quad-core processors of the 920 series of the same name. Scaling up to DDR4-3200 and 40 lines of the PCIe 4.0 interface is also provided, which indicates the possibility of using a series of motherboards in the server segment.

    HUAWEI announced its first motherboard for desktops

    It is noteworthy that the boards provide for the installation of Linux and Android. In the future, the company promised to provide guidance on installing cooling systems and installing power supplies, which indicates HUAWEI plans for cooperation with OEM partners.

    The market launch date and price of the first HUAWEI consumer motherboards will be announced later.

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