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  • Hackers have learned to crack off a DSLR camera over Wi-Fi

    Ransomware is widely known to most owners of personal computers. But as it turned out, desktops and laptops are not limited to the interests of hackers. The list of potential targets of the attack was unexpectedly replenished by digital SLR cameras, the firmware of which revealed an unexpected vulnerability to remote hacking.

    The information security company Check Point Software Technologies has demonstrated a technology that can remotely install malicious software on a digital SLR camera. According to expert Eyal Itkin, it is enough to use the standard Picture Transfer Protocol, which does not require identification during wired and wireless data transmission.

    The specialist remotely encrypted the data on the SD card of the Canon EOS 80D camera. Deliberately infected WITH malware Wi-Fi access point, located in a place often visited by tourists or professional photographers, can serve as a source of the attack, — says Itkin. In real life, people are often willing to part with a small amount to restore access to lost data.

    Hackers have learned to crack off a DSLR camera over Wi-Fi

    Representatives of the company reported that they discovered the vulnerability in March, and in May began to work on the creation of a protective software patch. Last week, Canon issued a warning not to use unsafe Wi-Fi networks, disable network features when not in use, and install a software update on the camera. According to the employees of Check Point, they worked only with Canon equipment, but the vulnerability can extend to cameras from other manufacturers.

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