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  • Hackers hacked the current version of iOS for the first time in several years

    Despite Apple's assurances that the iOS operating system is resistant to hacking, the hackers managed to create an up-to-date version of "pirated" firmware for Apple smartphones and tablets running iOS 11 and 12 - for the first time in several years. The working version of the jailbreak has already been published in the public domain.

    Hackers hacked the current version of iOS for the first time in several years

    A user under the pseudonym Pwn20wnd developed a jailbreak that works with all current Apple smartphones. The program works with iOS 12.4 as well as with other versions below iOS 12.3. Some users have already posted a confirmation of the tool's functionality on Twitter. According to available information, hackers managed to find a "hole" in the protection of the firmware, which again opened with the release of the latest version of the mobile OS.

    Google security experts from the Project Zero team have already reported the vulnerability to Apple. According to project employee ned Williamson, attackers can create "superior spyware" based on it. For example, an application with built-in malicious code can access data from other applications or system files to steal information.

    Apple has not commented on the hacking of iOS. It is expected that in the coming days there will be a version of iOS 12.4.1, in which the vulnerability will be fixed. iPhone users are advised to carefully download apps from the App Store prior to the release of the patch to avoid possible contamination of the device.

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