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  • Google will start to remove from Chrome "spyware" extension

    Recently — perhaps due to a recent reputational blow - Google has taken chrome users ' security seriously. A week ago, the company announced its intention to protect the privacy of citizens using the incognito regime. Now the IT giant has declared war on extensions that collect too much information about people.

    Google will start to remove from Chrome "spyware" extension

    In recent years, the trend of "surveillance" of users gained unprecedented momentum: data on citizens are collected through mobile applications and through browser extensions. And if in the case of the first Google has made in Android Q changes to the permission system, the latter they decided to fight more radically. Representatives of the search giant said in the official blog that the company will soon revise the security and privacy policy with respect to extensions.

    The first news of the upcoming changes arrived in May when the Internet giant announced that all extensions that abuse personal information of users will be removed from the Chrome store. To do this, the company asked the developers to publish the privacy policies of their extensions and, in case of non-compliance with the established standards, to revise the plugins. Now Google is moving from requests to requirements, and in the fall and does move from words to action.


    "We want extensions to request access to the minimum possible amount of data without compromising functionality. Google used to encourage developers to follow this rule. Now this is not a request, but a requirement for all applications," says the official Google blog.

    The new Google policy will come into force on October 15, 2019. All apps that do not meet the security and privacy requirements will be mercilessly removed from the Chrome Web Store. According to available information, at the moment the service features about 180,000 different extensions for the popular browser.

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