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  • Google’s new search algorithm will check for freshness

    Google search algorithms are invisible to the user and sometimes raise questions about their methods of work. Nevertheless, the company is constantly improving the mechanisms of its search engine — thousands of changes are made to its code every year. About the largest of the latest modifications told the head of the Google search Department: now the results of the issue will take into account not only the text of the request but also the relevance of the information found.

    Google’s new search algorithm will check for freshness

    Vice-President of Google search Pandu Nayak noted that now when searching for information, the publication time of which is crucial, users will primarily receive the latest materials in the issuance. As an example, the representative of the company cited the premiere of the third season of the series "Very strange things." If in February it was known that the series will be presented "sometime in 2019", then later it was reported that the premiere will take place on July 4. The new search algorithm compares these results and shows the user the most relevant of them.

    According to representatives of Google, such changes will be especially useful in the case of requests related to health and other emergency topics. For example, in the case of recall of dangerous products from sale, when the relevance of search results can be critical.

    Google’s new search algorithm will check for freshness

    Materials, the publication time for which is not particularly important, the innovation will not affect. For example, on the request "why the sky turns red at sunset" the first lines of the issue can take links published years ago. According to Nayak, it is most difficult to determine which types of information are more useful if you primarily produce recently published data. In the future, Google plans to significantly improve the new algorithm based on the first results of its testing.

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