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  • Found a way to determine blood pressure by selfie

    In search of an alternative to the relatively bulky and uncomfortable tonometers, scientists from the University of Toronto have proposed technology for determining blood pressure from photos. All you need for measurements is a smartphone and an application developed by researchers.

    The method of determining blood pressure from photography is based on the technology of transdermal optical imaging (TOV). Its essence is that the human skin is translucent, and when placing optical sensors can determine the intensity of red light reflected from hemoglobin. The role of sensors can take on an ordinary smartphone.

    For the training algorithm used is 2-minute clips, 1328 people. All videos were captured on the front camera of the iPhone. Measuring blood pressure at the selfie showed an accuracy of 95%.

    The plans of scientists — the development of this technology to measure the level of hemoglobin, cholesterol, glucose in the blood and analysis of other indicators. The main problem faced by the developers is the difficulty of determining the pressure in people with very dark or very light skin.

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