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  • Five new languages ​​added to Google Translate for the first time in four years

    For the first time in the last four years, new languages have been added to the Google Translate service, according to a press release from Google.

    From now on, Tatar, Turkmen, Uyghur, Rwanda, and Oriya (Odia, an Indo-European language, which is spoken in the Indian state of Orissa) became available to users of the translation service. “Google Translator now supports 108 languages,” the press release said.

    Five new languages added to Google Translate for the first time in four years

    “In each of the five languages added, using Google Translate, you can translate both texts and websites. A virtual keyboard is also available for Tatar, Uigur, and Rwanda,” the company said.

    They also added that while the quality of translation into new languages is imperfect, "however, we hope that despite this, our service will help millions of people." The press release also says that users who speak one of the recently added languages can join the Google Translate community (a community of enthusiasts who improve the service) to help improve the quality of machine translation.

    The company explained that they are training Google Translate "on existing translations on the Internet." "But there is not much online content in some languages, so it’s harder to add to the system," a Google statement said.

    Google Translate is an online service and translator application for mobile devices. The service is also integrated into the Google Chrome browser and allows you to quickly translate an open web page.

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