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  • Facebook is developing a device for "reading thoughts"

    Not only Elon Musk is engaged in the development of the brain-computer interface: Facebook Corporation also published the first results of testing its innovative device. The original device, which is in development, according to the authors of the project, is able to recognize the words of a person, spoken mentally, and translate them into text.


    According to a joint study by Facebook Reality Labs and the University of California, San Francisco, recorded brain activity during a conversation can be used to decode spoken text. According to the report published by scientists, they managed to decipher the "spoken" words of the voluntary participants of the experiment suffering from epilepsy. While recognition accuracy is low, but the researchers plan to achieve a decoding speed of up to 100 words per minute with an error of not more than 17%.

    The aim of the project is to create a consumer interface for "mental" communication with the computer. At the current stage, the experiment involves implantation of electrodes into the brain of the participants of the experiment, in the future, a transition to non-invasive methods of interaction with the user is expected.


    Facebook already has its own vision of what the device of the future should look like: according to CNN, these are augmented reality glasses with a brain activity registration device. The device will be used for various tasks — from typing and sending text messages to changing the volume of a song or emulating a mouse click in applications.

    According to representatives of Facebook, the implementation of a long-term program to create a ready "decoder" is expected to take up to ten years.

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