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  • Facebook confessed to listening to their users

    Following the scandal surrounding the purchase of user data, Facebook was again in the spotlight of the media. After the leak of information about the decoding of private audio recordings, the company was forced to confirm that it really recorded and analyzed other people's conversations. Hundreds of employees were engaged in questionable activities.


    According to Bloomberg, citing interviews with unnamed Facebook contractors, the employees were not informed where the recordings were made and how they were obtained. Sources from the program reported that they had listened to the content of various kinds, including vulgar, but they did not know for what purpose Facebook needed to decrypt this data.

    Facebook confirmed the fact of decoding, but assured journalists that stopped similar activity "more than a week ago". According to the company, only the materials of Facebook messenger users who allowed such actions were listened to. The data, according to the Corporation were depersonalized, and contract employees had to check whether the artificial intelligence interprets the messages correctly.


    Not so long ago, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that conversations about wiretapping users — just "conspiracy theories" and the company does not do it. A little later, Facebook made a deal with the US Federal Trade Commission, which investigated the invasion of privacy of users and agreed to pay a $5 billion fine.

    According to media reports, the transcript of the records was engaged in the California company TaskUs Inc. having branches all over the world. For her, Facebook is one of the most important and largest customers, but employees are prohibited from disclosing the details of their occupation.

    Earlier in the processing of voice data users admitted Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter. Some corporations have already announced the suspension of programs to listen to audio data.

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