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  • Experts have learned to deliver drugs directly to the brain using a smartphone

    For the treatment of complex neurological disorders such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, the effectiveness of available drugs remains extremely low due to the method of delivery to the nerve endings. Together, Korean and American scientists have developed a new technology for injecting drugs directly into the brain. For this procedure, you need a special implant and... smartphone.

    Experts have learned to deliver drugs directly to the brain using a smartphone

    The soft implant is connected via Bluetooth. It is able to control neural circuits, affecting their specific spectrum. Drugs and light are used as a catalyst for the process. With the help of chemical and optical neuromodulation, the device is able to affect brain cells without limiting human movement.

    The traditional brain stimulation procedure involves the use of rigid metal tubes and optical fibers. Such equipment restricts the patient's movements, and with prolonged wear causes damage to the soft tissues of the brain.

    In the developed device provides a replaceable cartridge for a medication. Currently, the device has been tested on laboratory mice. Rodents introduced into the brain ultra-thin probe, the thickness of which does not exceed human hair. It is represented by microscopic channels and equipped with LEDs, the size of which is comparable to grains of table salt. This complex will allow physicians to effectively muffle pain, remove patients from a state of deep depression or emotional disorder.

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