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  • Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the Arctic found "snow" plastic

    Microparticles of plastic pollute the air and even tap water of large cities — but, as it turned out, pollution could not avoid and deserted corners of the planet. Traces of chemical pollution were found by scientists even in the Arctic, away from the presence of humans and plants for the production of environmentally "dirty" material.

    Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the Arctic found "snow" plastic

    A significant amount of microscopic plastic particles were found by ecologists in the Strait of FRAM between Greenland and the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Spitsbergen. Given the fact that the Arctic is one of the cleanest regions of the planet, the discovery seriously concerned scientists. They believe that the source of pollution of the uninhabited region were other countries, and particles of synthetic material got into the polar ice in the air and "fell" like snow.

    On average, the ice debris contained 1,760 "snowflakes" per liter of volume — about 20 times less than in samples from Europe. Earlier similar pollution was found in France, Iran, and China. Plastic waste has a negative impact on the biosphere — it affects both marine life and land animals.

    Although detailed studies of their effects on humans have not been carried out, such particles have already been found in the lungs and human waste. According to the statement of the scientific community, the report stresses the need for in-depth studies about the harm the micro-plastic for nature.

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