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  • Creative circumvention, modified iPhone and AI pediatrician

    In the article you'll learn about an unusual way to circumvent video game censorship; upgrade your iPhone from single-SIM to dual-SIM and artificial intelligence as a doctor.

    In China circumvent censorship of video games

    China has strict censorship of the press, the Internet, television and even video games. Often developers have to completely redesign their projects for the Chinese market, as in the case of World of Warcraft, where removed the bones, skulls, and meat. Some particularly cruel and outright titles and all are banned in the country, that does not prevent vendors to sell "zapresheno". For example, the recent remake of Resident Evil 2, distinguished by special brutality and cruelty, on the trading floor Taobao sell under very unusual names: "the First day at work in the police station: Remake", "Fried cold rice 2", "Biochemical crisis", etc.


    For more conspiracy one of the sellers do their own packaging for the game disc, manually painting over them with the arts. The result is reminiscent of children's creativity.


    Other sellers sell Resident Evil 2 Remake under the guise of other games like Little Nightmares or Plants vs Zombies.


    Note that such a conspiracy is not something new for the Chinese market. For example, the game series Battlefield in China called Boyfriend Storm, but the popular Diablo is hidden under the name "big pineapple".

    Craftsmen have learned how to make dual-SIM iPhone

    Last year, Apple listened to consumers and yet released the iPhone with support for two SIM-cards. However, physically two "SIM cards" are supported only on iPhone XS Max and only in the version for the Chinese market. Of course, such devices work in other countries, but they are sold by unofficial Resellers and are often much more expensive than the single-SIM version. Therefore, the Chinese masters have established a business to upgrade the usual iPhone XS Max with a single SIM-card in a dual-SIM.


    The procedure involves disassembly of the smartphone and disconnecting from the circuit Board module eSIM (e-SIM) and subsequent replacement odnoimennogo tray on dual-SIM. The process is quite complex and requires the use of special equipment, so at home to perform such an operation will not work. After modification, the user gets a fully working iPhone XS Max with support for two SIM-cards.

    It is important to note that the cost of the upgrade is much lower than the price difference between single-and dual-SIM iPhone XS Max outside China. It should also be remembered that after this procedure, the device is deprived of a warranty.

    Artificial intelligence has learned to diagnose diseases no worse than a doctor

    With the development of robots and AI more and more human professions are in danger of extinction. Health workers may also be at risk. For example, a team of Chinese and American researchers has created an artificial intelligence system that can analyze medical records and diagnose with the same accuracy as experienced doctors.


    The developer's report says that the new system is able to automatically diagnose common childhood diseases after the treatment of symptoms, anamnesis, and other data. To train the neural network, scientists used electronic records collected as a result of more than 1.36 million visits to pediatricians of a large Chinese medical center. According to experts, artificial intelligence was comparable to experienced doctors and in the future will undertake the diagnosis of complex or rare diseases.


    "The study demonstrates that AI can diagnose more diseases after a systematic study of medical records, but we still have a lot of work to do. We need a wider range of data to verify the accuracy level of the system. Collecting and analyzing high-quality data is a long process that requires close cooperation between algorithm developers, doctors, and epidemiologists," said Xia Huimin, co-author of the study.

    In the future, such a system could prove extremely useful in a region with a shortage of medical personnel.

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