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  • Created universal memory to replace RAM and ROM

    Researchers from Lancaster University (UK) have created a new type of memory that can work both as RAM and for storing data. A promising technology called UltraRAM is able to completely change the principle of operation of modern computers, smartphones, and other computing equipment.

    Created universal memory to replace RAM and ROM

    According to the creators, UltraRAM combines the advantages of RAM and flash memory. Traditionally, hard drives or solid-state (SSD) drives are used for data storage, but they are noticeably slower in the speed of RAM, which contains information only at the time of direct work with it. Theoretically, RAM can be used for data storage, but this is financially unprofitable due to its high price.

    UlraRAM is a non-volatile RAM (Non-volatile RAM or NVRAM) capable of running at the same speed as DRAM but consuming 100 times less power. To create it, the method of resonant tunneling was used, which allows the barrier to switch between a transparent and opaque state when a small electrical voltage is applied.

    Scientists from Lancaster University claim that their universal memory has no drawbacks, which allows it to be used effectively instead of RAM and flash memory. However, experts do not say anything about the cost of production of UlraRAM and plans for commercial use.

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