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  • Created "analog" method of cheating road cameras

    Mass installation of CCTV cameras with car number recognition algorithms is widespread in a number of countries. But some citizens believe that ubiquitous lenses interfere with their privacy. One of them — the American designer Kate Rose, who created a very extraordinary way to protect against tracking systems. To use it does not require even basic knowledge of electronics.

    Created analog method of cheating road cameras_1.jpg

    Fight with the "Big Brother" enterprising fashion designer offers using its own line of clothing Adversarial Fashion. A special print applied to the fabric of designer clothes depicts a lot of license plates — when the cameras of the car number recognition system see such a "pattern", their algorithm produces abstract results. Moreover, the recognized "numbers" will be added to the database even if they do not belong to any real vehicle. This information "garbage", in theory significantly reduce the quality of such systems.

    The girl in the dress in the photo above, according to the system, is "a blue motorcycle with a PPRDRTED license plate belonging to a man named PEOPLE California." Previously, a similar experiment was conducted by a hacker under the pseudonym Droogie, who placed a NULL license plate on his vehicle. For traffic cameras, the combination of these letters should, in theory, have meant an empty entry. But instead of staying unnoticed for the surveillance system, the enthusiast received a series of fines of $12,000 for speeding, although not breaking the speed limit.

    According to "victim", it once again proves imperfection of systems of video surveillance and need of their rigid regulation at the legislative level.

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