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  • Coronavirus triggered smartphone addiction

    The coronavirus epidemic has completely changed the social paradigm of modern society. Hundreds of millions of people leave their homes just for food, fearing infection. At the same time, analysts note an increased demand for mobile apps, which has significantly increased compared to the pre-quarantine period.

    Coronavirus triggered smartphone addiction

    The analytical company App Annie has published information about the increase in the time spent on a mobile phone by residents of different countries. For example, in China, which was the first to face the epidemic and restrictions, time increased by 30%, reaching 5 hours a day. The global average increased by 20% year-on-year if only data for the 1st quarter is taken into account. Statistics include apps and games installed on Android smartphones.

    Coronavirus triggered smartphone addiction

    Coronavirus triggered smartphone addiction

    The most active increase in time spent on smartphones is observed in residents of France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US. In Italy, the figure was 30% in March alone. The rest of the countries on the list are still gaining momentum. So, in France, it is 15%, in Germany and the United States -10%.

    The report says that in the first quarter, users downloaded more than 31 billion apps on iOS and Android, spending $23.3 billion on them. At the same time, 22.5 billion programs worth $8.3 billion were downloaded from Google Play, and 9 billion apps worth $15 billion were downloaded from the App Store.

    According to analysts, the increase in time spent on mobile phones around the world will only continue in the near future.

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