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  • BMW Vision M Next - hybrid sports car of the future

    At the BMW #NEXTGen conference, the German automaker presented a prototype of the electric sports car of the future — BMW Vision M Next. It combines the capabilities of the hybrid i8 and the power of the M-series. The car is able to move both completely independently and through manual control — for fans of thrills and high-speed driving.

    For the work of the front wheels, BMW Vision M Next is responsible electric motor and located behind the four-cylinder petrol turbo engine. The maximum declared power is 600 horsepower. The car can accelerate to 300 km/h, and acceleration to the "hundred" takes 3 seconds. One battery charge is enough for 100 km.

    BMW Vision M Next

    Externally, Vision M Next resembles Lamborghini cars with the same wedge-shaped shape and doors "gull wings". To open you just need to touch them. The body is partly made of recycled carbon fiber, and lights and lanterns created by Laser Wire technology with laser-phosphor light sources and external elements.

    BMW Vision M Next

    The interior of the supercar is as minimalistic as possible so that the driver can fully concentrate on the road. The wheel has an unusual shape button with the BMW logo in the center, which is used to start the engine. It has a built-in fingerprint scanner. Also, the car uses a facial recognition system. the Traditional dashboard is replaced by several transparent screens, the information on which varies depending on the speed of driving. The faster the car moves, the more the display focuses on information directly related to driving.

    BMW Vision M Next

    The seats inside the BMW Vision M Next cabin are made of special foam that adapts to the body of the driver and passenger. The front panel has built-in "invisible" ventilation channels.

    BMW has no plans for the serial production of Vision M Next. This concept was mostly created to demonstrate the capabilities of the company. However, some of his developments may appear in future models of the manufacturer.

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