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  • Biologist has created a new kind of eco-friendly plastic from mango and algae

    People have long been trying to find a less toxic analog of plastic that pollutes the environment. An original alternative to the popular material proposed Philippine scientist Institute of biological chemistry Decibel of Montinola. He has developed degradable bioplastics, the production of which it is possible to establish from the rind of mango and seaweed — perhaps not the most available products in his country.

    Biologist has created a new kind of eco-friendly plastic from mango and algae

    Mango and seaweed are among the top ten exports of the Philippines and therefore are sold at an extremely low price. The basis of the invention of the chemist lay polymers pectin and carrageenan, extracted from these available "consumables". Made of them bioplastics is not only affordable but also extremely environmentally friendly.

    On a number of indicators, it even surpasses plastic — material differs in durability and elasticity thanks to which from it it is possible to make even fabric. In addition, bioplastics are completely soluble in water, not decomposing into small particles (microplastics), and therefore does not harm the environment and does not risk getting into the organisms of marine animals.

    In recent decades, chemical water pollution has become a very serious problem. According to researchers, in 2014 there were more than five trillion plastic particles in the world's oceans — and some of these toxic elements were "brought" into extremely remote areas from human habitats. Scientists around the world have long puzzled over the solution of this issue.

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