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  • Best Linux distribution of 2020

    Looking for the best Linux distribution for your desktop or laptop? Then here's the first rule you should always keep in mind - there is no better Linux distribution! There are a lot of Linux distributions, and preferences vary according to your level of knowledge and experience.

    This article will be useful primarily for those who do not yet know what /etc/fstab is, that is, novice Linux users. It is important for beginners to get a stable system with all the necessary applications with a minimum of effort. In addition, good support is needed in the form of a developed community. What can I recommend?

    Ubuntu and Linux Mint are without a doubt the most popular Linux desktop operating systems with the largest community.

    Ubuntu follows the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Manifesto: the software should be completely free and users have the right to customize and change it as they see fit. As for me, I consider the standard themes and color solutions that are adopted in Ubuntu by default to be unsuccessful. However, it is an improvement.

    Best Linux distribution of 2020

    Ubuntu 19.10

    Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and is almost fully compatible with it, so the problems and their solutions are common here. For a long time, I installed this distribution on office computers in view of the greater similarity with Windows and unpretentiousness to "hardware".

    Manjaro is an equally friendly desktop operating system based on Arch Linux. The obvious advantages of this distribution include an intuitive installation process, automatic hardware detection, special scripts for managing graphics drivers, and extensive desktop customization options. It looks more modern than Ubuntu.

    Best Linux distribution of 2020

    Manjaro 18

    Deepin Linux - I will not hide the fact that this newcomer has become my favorite and has already been dedicated to a separate blog post. It can't yet boast a community as developed as Ubuntu or Linux Mint, but it is this distribution that I see a huge potential for development. Many Western reviewers have recognized its DDE graphical shell as the most powerful and sophisticated desktop environment for Linux. It easily converts to the familiar style of Windows 10 and is able to mimic macOS. Immediately after installation, all the most necessary programs are available.

    Best Linux distribution of 2020

    Deepin Linux 15.11 (Windows 10 style)

    The following distributions are very similar to the ones listed above but require more knowledge and time to configure.

    Fedora (formerly Fedora Core) is one of the oldest distributions based on the red Hat Enterprise Linux commercial distribution and supported by the Fedora project community. It strives to be at the forefront of technology, where they are rolled out and then find application in the commercial version. There are also "custom" versions of Fedora called "spins" that focus on games, security, design, scientific computing, and so on.

    Best Linux distribution of 2020


    Debian is also one of the oldest Linux distributions. Programmers and web developers are especially unevenly breathing towards it, why it is better to ask them. It was Debian that became the progenitor of the aforementioned Deepin Linux.

    Best Linux distribution of 2020

    Debian 10

    Arch Linux is another independent Linux distribution that is relatively new and has earned huge popularity. It completes today's list and is aimed at competent Linux users, which does not make it unnecessarily complex. Arch uses its own package Manager with full dependency tracking "pacman" and can be installed in the usual way from a flash drive or disk, or through an FTP server.

    Best Linux distribution of 2020

    Arch Linux

    So what is the bottom line? Which of the following Linux distributions was the best? I put the answer to this question at the very beginning of this post.

    We are all different and the requirements for the system are also different, so any rating is a rather subjective thing. I outlined my choice of the desktop version of Linux, with which I am pleased to work. Your right to accept it or not.

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