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  • Astronomers have discovered 19 new types of stars in one cluster

    Recently, astronomers make one discovery after another. Previously, scientists have noticed in the dim galaxy NGC 3147 giant black hole, which, according to the long-formed provisions should not exist. Now the researchers have found the farthest from Earthstar cluster. And found in it 19 new types of massive stars.

    Astronomers have discovered 19 new types of stars in one cluster

    The cluster VVV CL074. Squares outlined the area studied by astronomers. The colors denote different research blocks

    Astronomers are studying young clusters of massive stars to understand the principle of their transformation into different types of objects, due to the initial mass of celestial bodies. Discovered cluster VVV CL074 is 33 thousand light-years from Earth and includes 25 "young" of the heavenly bodies by the age of 2-3 million years and a mass in excess of 40-60 Sunny.

    For "intelligence" a team of astronomers used an extremely large telescope (VLT). Having studied the presence of helium and hydrogen lines in the stars, as well as nitrogen and carbon in the spectra of the K-band, the researchers came to an unexpected conclusion. It turns out that 19 of the 25 objects in the VVV CL074 belong to the types not yet known to science. Scientists intend to continue monitoring them in order to study their nature and properties.

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