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  • Apple's chief designer leaves the company

    Many of the key points in the Apple story are related to the activities of its founder, Steve Jobs. But over the years, the policies and leadership of the famous vendor have changed, and today the press service of the company announced the resignation of another one of the key figures of the “old team”. Chief designer Joni Ive left his post, having put his hand to most cult devices with an apple on the logo.

    Apple chief designer-1.jpg

    The head of Apple Tim Cook noted that the merits of one of the oldest employees of the company can not be overestimated — over the past 29 years from the "pen" Quince came out the characteristic contours of the first iPhone, iMac, iPod, and MacBook in an aluminum case. He also developed the interface of iOS 7, the release of which marked the decline of the skeuomorph in mobile OS. The voice of Quince is also familiar to users on the voice of the majority of commercials with announcements of new Apple products.


    "Apple will continue to benefit from Joni's talent by working directly with him on exclusive projects. After many years of close cooperation, I am happy that our relationship is developing and look forward to long cooperation with Joni in the future," Cook said.

    The reason for the departure of the designer was the creation of his own Studio called LoveFrom. According to its founder, the company will be engaged in "not only design", but one of its key partners will remain Apple. It is expected that the new brainchild of Quince will begin its work next year, he himself expects that his cooperation with the former employer will last for many years.


    "After almost 30 years of work and countless projects, I'm most proud of creating a team of Apple developers who are unmatched. Today the company is stronger, brighter and more talented than ever in its history," said Ive.

    The position of chief designer in Apple shares Vice President, industrial design Evans hunks and Vice-President in interface design Alan Grant. Their immediate supervisor will be chief operating officer Jeff Williams, who was previously responsible for the development of the Apple Watch.

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