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  • An Israeli company has created a tool for hacking servers Apple, Google and Microsoft

    According to The Financial Times, the Israeli company NSO Group, specializing in cybersecurity, has developed advanced spy software Pegasus. With its help, it is supposedly possible to steal from smartphones both local data and stored in the "clouds" of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and other technology giants.

    An Israeli company has created a tool for hacking servers Apple, Google and Microsoft

    The report says that Pegasus can be used to steal any information from cloud storage, including user location data, archived messages, and photos. Once installed on your device, the virus copies authentication keys from various services, including Google Drive, Facebook Messenger, iCloud and others. The remote server then simulates the user's device, including its location, to access the victim's data.

    The NSO Group itself denies that it sells software capable of hacking "clouds". But it is interesting that in the past it was noticed the introduction OF malware via WhatsApp. The company used a vulnerability in the messenger to install spyware on smartphones with a simple phone call. This allowed her to track calls through the app. After some time, WhatsApp developers have eliminated this gap.

    An Israeli company has created a tool for hacking servers Apple, Google and Microsoft


    "The Financial Times made a mistake. NSO products do not represent the ability to collect data and access cloud applications, services, or infrastructure. All advanced terrorists and criminals use encrypted technology to plan and hide their crimes, leaving intelligence and law enforcement in the dark and endangering public and national security. Legitimate NSO products to intercept data are designed to counter this problem," said a representative of the NSO Group.

    Amazon reported that it found no signs of malware on its systems. Microsoft declined to comment.

    The NSO Group States that it scrutinizes its customers and sells the SOFTWARE only to the authorities to assist in the fight against terrorism or criminal investigation. It was this company at the time commissioned by the FBI hacked iPhone arrow mass murder in San Bernardino when it refused to do Apple.

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