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  • A new type of transistors will speed up processors and graphics cards

    With the development of computer technology, the constant increase in processor performance has noticeably slowed down. Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology announced the production technology of ultra-thin transistors, the chips on the basis of which are significantly superior in performance to modern developments. It is expected that the new technology will soon "revive" Moore's law, which has ceased to be relevant.

    A new type of transistors will speed up processors and graphics cards

    "Two-dimensional" transistors based on ultrathin semiconductors have long been known, but the lack of ultrathin insulators prevented them from starting production. Scientists at the Vienna Technical University created the required component of calcium fluoride and got transistors the size of several nanometers, consisting literally of layers of atoms.

    The basis of the product of the Austrian scientists lay the development of the Physical-Technical Institute named after A. Ioffe in St. Petersburg. According to the researchers, the first prototype exceeded all expectations. The use of 2D material has significantly improved the electrical properties of the conductor compared to existing technological processes.


    “Ordinary materials have covalent bonds in the third dimension — atoms that join with adjacent materials above and below. This does not apply to 2D materials and ionic crystals, so they do not affect the electrical properties of the semiconductor, ”said Tibor Grasser, a professor at the Institute of Microelectronics.

    A new type of transistors will speed up processors and graphics cards

    Now scientists are going to find out which combination of semiconductors and insulators works best. It may take several years to create a technology suitable for the production of commercial chips. A new type of small and fast transistors in the future will significantly accelerate the work of central and graphics processors.

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