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  • Xiaomi Mi Band 4: NFC and AMOLED color display for $33

    Xiaomi introduced the fourth generation of Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet. The key features of the new product are a color display, increased battery capacity, and NFC module. The price remained at the same low level as its predecessor.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    Despite the apparent resemblance to the previous model, the design has undergone some changes. The manufacturer abandoned the traditional deepening in the screen for a round touch button — it was replaced by an icon on a flat surface. The AMOLED display itself, coated with tempered glass, became colored and increased in size to 0.95 inches at a resolution of 120x240 pixels.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    The fitness tracker stuffing has also been updated, the “core” of which was the signature Huangshan No.1 chipset - according to the manufacturer, it is 38% more energy efficient than similar solutions based on the Arm Cortex-M4 architecture.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    The charging contacts have shifted to the lower part of the case, the heart rate sensor is located in the center. The weight of the new item is 22.5 grams, the bracelet is made of TPU with reinforced, according to the manufacturer, buckle.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 4 in two versions, one with NFC and one without. The bracelet is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 module, voice assistant Xiao AI and the ability to synchronize with smart home devices. The body of the gadget is protected from water and can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 meters. The stated battery life on a single charge of the built-in battery at 135 mAh is up to 20 days for the basic version and up to 15 days — for the NFC version.

    Software capabilities of the device are represented by different modes of monitoring physical activity: swimming, running on the street or indoors, walking, exercise, horse riding. With the built-in six-axis sensor, the fitness tracker can distinguish swimming styles by tracking your heart rate in real time. Track your training progress using the proprietary Xiaomi Sports App for your smartphone.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    Users who do not want to wait for the appearance of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in the official store, Chinese sellers offer to pre-order today. But there is a nuance — the price of "hot" offers above the official.

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