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  • Xiaomi Mi Air 2 - rival Apple AirPods for $ 56

    Together with the Mi TV Pro TV, Mi9 Pro 5G smartphone, an unusual Mi Mix Alpha concept phone and MIUI 11 firmware, Xiaomi showed the new Mi Air 2 wireless headphones. Compared to Mi AirDots Pro, they changed the form factor and began to look even more like Apple AirPods.

    Xiaomi Mi Air 2

    If Mi AirDots Pro launched at the beginning of the year had an in-channel form with silicone nozzles, then the new Mi Air 2 is made in the insert form factor. In addition, Xiaomi also arranged speakers and microphones, like a famous competitor, and also used infrared sensors, thanks to which the music automatically stops when the accessory is removed from the ears.

    Mi Air 2 received Bluetooth 5.0 and support for the LHDC audio codec, which serves to reduce the delay of the audio signal during wireless transmission. Each earphone has a touch panel with which you can control music playback, answer incoming calls and activate voice assistant. The response to different touches can be configured in a proprietary mobile application.

    Xiaomi Mi Air 2

    The headphones come in a compact case with a USB Type-C connector. One charge is enough for 4 hours of continuous listening to music, and taking into account recharging from the case, the overall autonomy is 14 hours. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge.

    In China, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 was priced at $ 56, the start date of sales of new items will be announced later.

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