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  • Xiaomi introduced Indel B Car Refrigerator

    Especially for cars, the design of which does not provide a built-in refrigerator, Xiaomi introduced a portable model Indel Car, developed by the Italian company Indel B. the Capacity of the gadget is 12 liters, and the minimum temperature of the freezer is -18°.

    Xiaomi introduced Indel B Car Refrigerator

    The indel B brand is known as one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerators for Volvo, Iveco, Fav, Scania, Renault cars. The model, released under the brand Xiaomi, is equipped with a built-in inverter with a power of 45 watts. The refrigerator is connected to the standard 12-volt port of the car, consuming a current of 3.75 A.

    Xiaomi introduced Indel B Car Refrigerator

    The useful volume of the refrigerator is 12 liters. The cover of the gadget opens at 90 degrees, providing comfortable access to the content. On the side panel, there are a power button and temperature control keys. For more information, there is a miniature LCD display showing the current temperature.

    Indel B Car Refrigerator can operate in two modes: Max — when the engine is running, and Eco — when the car is switched off, or the gadget is connected directly to the battery.

    The cost of the refrigerator Indel B is $280. On the timing of the model on the market, the manufacturer does not report.

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