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  • What are you going to cover, PlayStation? The main thing with the presentation of Microsoft at E3 2019

    The key game exhibition of the year can be considered open: Microsoft gave the start to the event. This time, the company brought a whole block of blockbusters, and at the same time - fresh news about the new generation of Xbox and cloud gaming. We tell you what will please the gamers Redmond giant in the next couple of years.

    E3 2019

    Microsoft loves to deceive the public: often promises dozens of exclusives, which are sprite Turkey. Nice, but no more.


    This time, everything is different - out of 60 presented new products, 14 are created by internal studios and look impressive. But what and when to wait?

    2019 - GamePass for pitch boyars, Gears of War 5 and Blair Witch

    Let's start with good news for those who like to tickle your nerves. Rate the irony: through the efforts of the authors of the film “The Witch of Blair,” the pseudo-documentary horror genre came into fashion. The iconic thriller of 1999 led the way to interactive horror players like Outlast and Resident Evil 7. And now Blair Witch film franchise draws inspiration from the games mentioned. Poles from the studio of the Bloober Team, known for the Layers of Fear dilogy and the Observer cyberpunk, will try to get gamers to the bone. You can be soothing on August 30th.

    Those who prefer to water monsters with napalm instead of hiding it is worth to wait until September 10 - on this date, Gears of War 5 is scheduled to be released. They promise not only fierce battles, but also the psychological drama of the main character - Kate Diaz, granddaughter of the fallen queen of Locust Mirra.


    Do you like Fallout? Unable to look at what Bethesda has done with RPG classics? Here you have The Outer Worlds , a post-apocalyptic action with a mixture of steampunk.

    Wait is not long - mark October 25 in the calendar. Little trash? Then September 13 will delight you Borderlands 3. Spending time waiting for trikvela will help free DLC, available right now to those who purchased the second part of the reissue and The Pre-Sequel.

    Separately, Microsoft decided to respect the pitch boyars - now the Xbox GamePass service will be available to them. A subscription is paid for ridiculous money: $ 10 a month (a trial period costs $ 5).

    2020 - Cyberpunk 2077, Minecraft and Xbox Project Scarlett

    Summer for the industry - traditionally dead time. But next spring is expected to be hot. The main blockbuster of the season will, of course, be Cyberpunk 2077.


    The release date - April 16, 2020 - was announced personally by Keanu Reeves. He gave the appearance and voice to one of the characters of the futuristic action movie.

    Those who are too early to play in Cyberpunk 2077 are offered to evaluate the new Minecraft Dungeons since it will also reach gamers in the spring. Like the sequel to Techland's Dying Light. Another option is to wait for the incredibly beautiful Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Spiritfarer. The first will be released on February 11, 2020, the second - this year, but so far without a clear date. Finally, Tim Schefer’s studio, which joined Microsoft, promises to bomb the cult Psychonauts with a sequel. Adventure platformer will publish before the end of 2020.

    Fall-Winter 2020 will be no less tumultuous - we are waiting for a new generation console of Microsoft. The upcoming prefix codenamed Project Scarlett is 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X. It is based on a unique accelerator consisting of a central processor on the latest ZEN 2 architecture and a graphic one based on AMD Navi with additional ray tracing capabilities.


    Scarlett equips SSD-drive with a special structure. They promise that high speed will allow it to be used as virtual RAM.

    Those who are not yet ready to upgrade hardware will be able to take advantage of streaming from the cloud - it will work on all devices, including smartphones and prefixes already released.

    And the most important thing: they will launch Project Scarlett with Halo Infinite. True, according to the existing trailers it is difficult to clearly understand the time, place and essence of what is happening. But the shooter looks incredibly beautiful, bright and mysterious. Just take a look for yourself:

    Future plans

    Microsoft has brought 60 new products to E3, and many of them have no clear release date yet. So, the unusual thriller of 12 Minutes got off only with significant Coming Soon. When exactly in 2020 will roll out the continuation of the classic Microsoft Flight Simulator, is also unclear. Yes, and Wasteland 3 - the spiritual heir to the step-by-step parts of Fallout - will appear in stores the devil knows when.


    But Elden Ring is most intriguing.

    This fantasy action movie is made by the Japanese at From Software with George Martin, the author of Game of Thrones. Only a small CGI trailer was shown, there is no gameplay video yet. We are waiting for the next announcements on the topic.

    This is a victory?

    For the past couple of years, Microsoft has usually laughed at Microsoft presentations - they say, instead of normal exclusives, indie and multiplatform (albeit the best on One X), and all the good series have long been on pause. But then the corporation for once gathered and showed class: it was about this show that fans have dreamed of for years. It is a pity that it happened only when competitors from Sony decided to take a time out.


    What are your thoughts on the Microsoft presentation? What releases are most waiting for? Tell us in the comments!

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