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  • Viomi Smart Dishwasher 2019: Xiaomi has released a smart dishwasher with high pressure pump

    Xiaomi company presented at its site of collective financing dishwasher Viomi Smart Dishwasher 2019. The product is notable for the technology of three-dimensional water spraying and an incredibly powerful pump, and you can control smart equipment with the ability to customize the operating modes from your smartphone.

    Viomi Smart Dishwasher 2019

    The development of the pump was engaged in the Italian company Weike. The pressure of the jet of washing water reaches 15 000 PA, while the coating of the dishes remains intact. In the course of such cleaning dishes, according to the manufacturer, is completely disinfected.

    Viomi Smart Dishwasher 2019

    Three-dimensional spray technology is used for thorough washing. Its essence lies in the fact that the water jets beat in all directions — the water gets to all points on the surface of Cutlery, plates, and cups. The heating temperature is 70°, which allows detergents to dissolve fats and oils. Especially for Xiaomi, the drying system was developed by Japanese partners.

    Viomi Smart Dishwasher 2019

    The device supports four modes of washing dishes: from fast 30-minute to individual, in which the user can set the cycle time and water temperature using the buttons or a mobile application. The capacity of the dishwasher is 8 sets of Cutlery.

    Price Viomi Smart Dishwasher 2019 on the crowdfunding site Xiaomi - $354.

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