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  • Totolink A3100R: one antenna is good, but five is better

    A router in a modern apartment has long been a necessity. But it is not easier to choose it than a smartphone: you need to study a lot of characteristics, and prices sometimes bite. The Korean brand Totolink released the A3100R router. The new product is equipped with all the latest features for home use, but it does not threaten the family budget.

    Totolink A3100R: one antenna is good, but five is better

    As befits a modern router, Totolink A3100R can work in two ranges at once. Classic (2.4 GHz) is compatible with almost any device equipped with a Wi-Fi module, and has a good "penetration" of walls and furniture. If all the channels are occupied by neighbors, the 5 GHz frequency will be used, which is much less influenced by outside, although not as long-range.

    Totolink A3100R: one antenna is good, but five is better

    Beamforming technology helps to improve the quality of the coating. It allows the router to determine the direction where the signal loss occurs, and form a beam towards the "problem" device. But the rest of the gadgets will not remain without a network - they will be taken up by other antennas, of which there are as many as five on the body. If you want, you can hide your access point from prying eyes, and for guests - create a separate one with limited connection speed.


    A large number of devices sharing the channel between themselves will not become a problem.

    Modern MU-MIMO (3+2) technology allows the router to transmit multiple data streams simultaneously. And each gadget will get a separate strip. This multitasking eliminates the "Queuing" characteristic of older models of Internet hardware. On a local wireless network, the total bandwidth of the Totolink A3100R will be 1167 Mbit/s if both bands are used. The speed of online access will be limited only by the provider's tariff - thanks to the Gigabit WAN port. There are also two Gigabit LAN connectors on the router body for devices that are critical for connection stability. For example, for a streamer PC or media server.

    Totolink A3100R: one antenna is good, but five is better

    The functionality of the new product is not limited to the simple distribution of Wi-Fi in access point mode. The router can become a repeater, increasing the range of an already configured wireless network. Supports WISP (Wireless ISP) mode - to create a bridge between the provider and the subscriber. In this case, the device connects to the world wide web not via cable, but via a third-party Wi-Fi network, using its own connection protection tools plus familiar user settings and saved passwords.


    The model is also notable for a wide range of connection options and access rights for various equipment.

    The QoS (Quality of Service) function allows you to prioritize a specific type of content. For example, you can limit the download speed of torrent clients so as not to crash an online game. You can also manually block resources based on filters. It is especially useful for users with children. In this case, it is also useful to disable network access to certain gadgets on a schedule - it is convenient to block the same tablet or Smart TV, so that the child is not distracted from homework. For advanced users, there are VPN connection settings, port redirects, and scheduled filters.

    Totolink A3100R: one antenna is good, but five is better650

    Another trump card of the affordable router is the branded three-year warranty, which is not provided by every brand. In addition, customers have access to technical support, whose employees will help you save a lot of time searching for the necessary information.

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