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  • Samsung Jet 200 - The most powerful wireless vacuum cleaner

    Samsung has started selling a new vertical wireless vacuum cleaner Jet 200 — the most powerful in its class among the models of the South Korean manufacturer. From one charge it is able to work up to 60 minutes. Another feature of the new product is an effective filtration system that can capture almost 100% of dust and allergens.

    wireless vacuum cleaner Jet 200

    Compared to previous models, the suction capacity increased by 33.3%. Such results were achieved through the use of a digital inverter motor and proprietary jet Cyclone technology. With a power consumption of 550 W motor speed of rotation of the blades was increased to 110 000 rpm. The vacuum cleaner successfully passed the 1800-hour reliability test. The cyclone filtration system Jet Cyclone with 27 holes forms the optimal airflow to reduce the loss of suction power. The five-stage HEPA filtration system is capable of capturing up to 99.999% of dust particles and allergens of 0.3-10 µm in size.

    wireless vacuum cleaner Jet 200

    The 3000 mAh replaceable lithium-ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning, and after 500 charge-discharge cycles, it retains up to 70% of the original capacity. With the backup battery, cleaning time can be extended to two hours. The vacuum cleaner is charged using a compact z Station dock, which allows you to simultaneously power two batteries (full charge will take 3.5 hours).

    wireless vacuum cleaner Jet 200

    Telescopic tube Samsung Jet 200 is fixed in one of four positions, allowing you to choose the height of the vacuum cleaner under the growth of the user. The vacuum cleaner is controlled via an LED display, where you can check its status, select the power level and the type of nozzle installed. The screen also displays warnings about blocking the filter or brush debris. All components of the Samsung Jet 200, from filters to dust container, can be washed, and the brush is completely removed from the nozzle for cleaning hair and dirt.  

    Samsung Jet 200 is already available on the official website of Samsung in the stores.

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