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  • PowerEgg X - personal flying camera with artificial intelligence

    PowerVision introduced PowerEgg X, a product that it describes as an AI-capable personal camera that can fly. This drone is designed with the camera in mind - it can be used to get an amazing shot of your favorite activities, although it can also be used for other situations in which a flying camera can be useful, including ground-based shooting. At the core of the device is a 4K camera that shoots at 60 frames per second.

    PowerEgg X - personal flying camera with artificial intelligence

    The PowerEgg X drone has unique capabilities. According to PowerVision, the new model can work with wind speeds of up to 20 m/s. Also, the model can be used with an additional waterproof case and accessories for landing on the water for certain shooting conditions, including water bodies. PowerVision claims that its drone works well even in heavy rains, making it useful for rescue operations at sea.

    In addition, PowerEgg X has unique support for SyncVoice technology, which allows the operator to comment in real-time on video captured by the drone using a Bluetooth headset or smartphone microphone. The audio is automatically synchronized with video content.

    PowerEgg X - personal flying camera with artificial intelligence

    Other features include precise landing and automatic obstacle avoidance, as well as other unspecified “practical functions”. The built-in camera, meanwhile, conducts stable shooting with a triaxial stabilizer along with optical image stabilization. PowerEgg X can be used in manual stabilizer mode for shooting videos lasting 3.5 hours.

    All these features that its competitors do not make PowerEgg X a unique device in the consumer drones market. Therefore, the drone has a substantial retail price of $899, although the market is full of more expensive drones with less impressive features. PowerEgg X will be available through several stores, such as Best Buy, starting January 7th.

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