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  • OPPO Enco W31 TWS headphones priced at $42

    Following the flagship Ace 2 smartphone, OPPO announced the new TWS headphones Enco W31. The compact headset is notable for its support for noise reduction during a conversation, IP54 splash protection, and decent autonomy with the included charging case.

    OPPO Enco W31

    The new product with a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module is equipped with 7 mm drivers with binaural data transmission and a low signal delay value. One charge of the built-in battery, according to the manufacturer, will be enough for 3.5 hours of battery life, and when using the complete case as a power bank, the autonomy of the model will be up to 15 hours. Thanks to the support for fast charging, 10 minutes in the case will allow you to listen to music for another 1 hour.

    OPPO Enco W31

    The ergonomic shape of the earbuds ensures a tight fit in the ears and comfortable wearing, and the built-in "noise reduction", which uses a total of 4 microphones, provides high-quality voice transmission when talking on the phone. The weight of each earphone is 4.6 grams, and the charging case is 50 grams. Touch panels located on the surface of the cups are responsible for managing the playlist.

    OPPO Enco W31 in white, black and pink cases will go on sale April 20 at a price of $42.

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      In this release of Insider information: the "lite" version of the Motorola G8 Power is highlighted in the regulator's database; Apple will postpone AirPods Pro Lite headphone production; insiders have found a new mention of Google Pixel 5 in AOSP; OPPO has confirmed that it is developing its own processors.
      The "Lite" version of the Motorola G8 Power was highlighted in the regulator's database

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      The new product will receive a capacious battery of 5000 mAh and an LTE modem designed to work in 4G networks. The source does not report other technical characteristics of the device. According to rumors, the vendor planned to announce the new product at MWC 2020, but due to the cancellation of the exhibition, the presentation will take place in March of this year.
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      Informants do not specify how the new headphones will be positioned: as a replacement for the first generation of AirPods, introduced in 2016 and later received a minor update, or as a more affordable alternative to AirPods Pro. Apple is expected to sell about 100 million AirPods by the end of 2020.
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      The leak shows the notes of one of the developers describing the testing procedure for the basic Linux Android kernel and “the inability to test the software on the Pixel 5”. Earlier, device code names were revealed: Redfin (Pixel 5), and Bramble (Pixel 5 XL). Another new Google product may be the Pixel 4a, which received the internal name Sunfish.
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      The exact date of the announcement and technical characteristics of the OPPO processors are unknown.
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      Xiaomi has updated its range of wireless in-ear headphones with the announcement of a Bluetooth headset called Mi Air 2S. The new product is notable for noise reduction during a phone conversation and voice control, as well as the ability to work up to 24 hours away from the outlet.

      The wireless model is equipped with a dual-core chipset with support for the Bluetooth 5.0 Protocol and binaural synchronous audio track transfer technology to the left and right headphones. Due to the low signal delay, the model is suitable not only for watching movies but also for mobile games. When talking on the phone, built-in microphones act as a "noise reducer", making the voice clearer.

      The accessory's autonomy in playback mode is up to 5 hours and taking into account the battery capacity of the complete case — up to 24 hours. You can "refuel" the case using a cable or a wireless charging station that supports the Qi standard. You can control playback without taking your smartphone or player out of your pocket using the XiaoAI voice assistant.
      Xiaomi Mi Air 2S wireless headphones will go on sale on April 9 at a price of $56.
    • By M. Konwar
      Despite the popularity of AirPods wireless earbuds, Apple is rumored to have decided not to give up on the form factor of overhead headphones with a headband. Well-known industry insider John Prosser published information about the upcoming release of the new "Apple" acoustics on his Twitter account and named not only its price but also the expected date of the announcement.

      According to the source, the vendor plans to release new wireless headphones with an overhead design, the cost of which will be about $350. It is reported that data about the headset was discovered in the source code of the iOS 14 pre-build. According to the published image, the new product will be available in two color options. The device is expected to be announced in June 2020 at the WWDC conference.

      The network informant also spoke about the upcoming release of AirPods X liners, which are expected to be presented during the autumn presentation along with the new iPhone models and will cost $200. In addition, he said that Apple plans to abandon the Beats line.
      The insider did not disclose details about the specifications of future new products.
    • By M. Konwar
      Together with the new smartphones, OnePlus introduced the Bullets Wireless Z wireless headphones. Compared to last year's Bullets Wireless 2,  they got longer battery life and reduced latency.

      OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z are made in the form factor of intra-channel plugs with replaceable silicone nozzles and neck attachment. The headphones have built-in magnets to prevent entanglement. On the wire is a remote control for controlling playback and volume control.
      One of the key improvements of the new model was the increased battery life — from 14 to 20 hours. But fast charging remained unchanged — 10 hours of music playback after 10 minutes at the outlet. The headphones are charged via the built-in USB Type-C connector.

      An important feature of the headphones manufacturer calls ultra-low delay time — only 110 MS. Additionally, support for the Google Assistant voice assistant and IP55 water protection has been announced. You can also quickly switch between different devices that you are connected to.
      The new OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z will be available in white, black, blue and green for $49.95.
    • By M. Konwar
      The company Razer has introduced a new wireless headphone called Pokemon Pikachu True Wireless. Their main feature was the original design of both the headset and the charging case, stylized as a cult accessory for catching pokemon.

      13 mm drivers are installed in the case of each golden-colored headphone, which, according to the manufacturer, is capable of providing rich low-frequency sound. The cups are protected from sweat and splashes by the IPX4 standard. The accessory is connected to the audio source via Bluetooth 5.0.

      The autonomy of the new product in continuous playback mode is up to 3 hours, and when charging from a complete case with a built-in battery - up to 15 hours. Especially for fans of the franchise and the mobile game Pokemon Go, the manufacturer decorated the bright yellow cups of the headset with the image of the legendary Pikachu, who also "voiced" the voice prompt system.
      The Razer Pokemon Pikachu True Wireless TWS Headphones will go on sale on April 16 at a price of $127.
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