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  • LIECTROUX F528A: the universal assistant for wet cleaning

    Wet cleaning is not an easy task: you have to RUB the floor intensively, dragging a bucket of water. Electric MOP LIECTROX F528A does everything for a person: effectively washes dirt thanks to moving modules and evenly sprays water on the floor from the built-in container.


    A wireless electric mop will not only reduce cleaning time but will also save power on its owner. You won’t have to rub the floor with repeated movements: the rotating disks will take on all the dirty work. The automatic cleaner will cope not only with the floor: the handle length is enough for washing tall windows. One battery charge is enough for 30 minutes of work - during this time you can tidy up even in a large apartment (up to 200 square meters).

    The integrated spray tank solves two problems at once: it eliminates the need to carry a bucket of water behind it and prevents the appearance of puddles and stains of dirt on the floor. In order not to miss the dusty area during evening cleaning, an LED “headlight” is provided on the case. It will also be useful for dark areas under the bed - and to get to them, you can easily bend the handle 90 degrees.

    When ordering an electric mop from an online store, according to the manufacturer, will take from 2 to 15 days. The claimed warranty period of the device is 3 years: in case of breakdown, you only need to send a video describing the problem to technical support in order to get the necessary spare part for free.

    Buy LIECTROUX F528A on AliExpress for $ 104.58.

    The indicated price is valid on the day of publication, the quantity of goods is limited.

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