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  • LIECTROUX С30В: assistant, who rides without a purpose

    When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to pay attention to its electronic filling: the smarter this useful device, the better its work. LIECTROUX С30В is able to build a map of the premises to be cleaned only where it will show and will not aimlessly ride on the flat, paying attention only to one site.


    Despite its compact size, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a capacious container for garbage 600 ml, which does not have to be cleaned every day. If necessary, it is easy to change to a water tank for wet cleaning. Attached to the lower part of the body microfiber cloth prevents stains, and if the vacuum cleaner stopped-the water supply is stopped, so as not to form a puddle in the place of "Parking".

    The built-in navigation system allows the robot to make a map of the room: with the help of a mobile application, you can specify certain places for daily cleaning on a schedule or restrict access to some rooms. There is also an opportunity to put a vacuum cleaner task for thorough cleaning of a certain area, which he will clean more carefully. If the battery will not decrease in time, LIECTROUX С30В return to the "filling" station.

    During operation, the robot does not ride around the room randomly, but follows the algorithm of one of the selected modes:

    • "Zigzag" - sequential cleaning of premises in wide straight lines covering the entire area of the room
    • Edge cleaning mode-cleaning along walls and corners
    • Spot mode — enhanced cleaning of heavily soiled areas


    To prevent a collision with furniture or falling down the stairs will help the built-in sensor system, which will change the direction of movement in time or stop the automatic cleaner. At the same time, the device is able to overcome obstacles up to 10 mm high or scattered wires on the floor without getting tangled in them. The brushless motor produces much less noise than a normal vacuum cleaner: it will not irritate during cleaning.

    Until August 31 you can buy a robot vacuum cleaner LIECTROUX С30В available for $203,78.

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