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  • LG CordZero R9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Powerful 120 W motor and mapping a cleaning route

    With the advent of robotic vacuum cleaners guidance cleanliness in the house was reduced to the press of a button. The South Korean company LG has gone even further and released the flagship model CordZero R9 with high suction power, intelligent route building program and a number of functions that make cleaning quality.

    LG CordZero R9

    The CordZero R9 is equipped with an inverter motor operating at the maximum frequency when passing along the walls and especially dusty places. The maximum power of the engine is 120 watts. The Azial Turbo Cyclone technology enhances airflow and thus separates the intake debris and dust.

    LG CordZero R9

    The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide-angle camera with an overview of 160°, as well as a 3D laser sensor that can detect obstacles and adjust the route. The room map is built simultaneously with the cleaning. Built-in motor with electric drive rotates the brush, providing a constant suction power of debris on the carpet and on the smooth floor.

    LG CordZero R9

    The vacuum cleaner has the function of zone cleaning "Desired sector". Using the proprietary LG SmartThinQ smartphone app, the user can choose the rooms or areas where cleaning is needed. Additionally, the model incorporates the functions of the patrol at home, a scheduled cleaning or a diary.

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