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  • Kohler launches shower head with integrated smart column

    The company for the production of toilet accessories presents a new shower head with the built-in smart column, smart toilet with non-contact flushing and intelligent shower system.

    Shower head with voice assistant

    Singing in the shower is one thing, but what about talking to a virtual assistant? The Moxie shower head has voice activation and a removable smart speaker.

    The speaker itself uses a speaker from Harman Kardon and is designed to work even with the sound of running water. It is waterproof and attaches to the shower head with magnets; this way you can easily take it off to put it in the included charging dock.

    Kohler launches shower head with integrated smart column

    Amazon Alexa is used as a voice assistant. It also offers a version in the form of a Bluetooth speaker without a voice assistant.

    At 70 percent volume, the smart speaker with voice assistant works up to 5 hours. A Moxie shower head with voice assistant costs $159, and a version without an assistant is $99.

    Contactless toilet

    For those who do not want to touch the surfaces in the toilet, the company has released the Touchless Toilet smart flush system. The Kohler non-contact lever adds automatic descent to existing toilets in suitable models.

    Kohler launches shower head with integrated smart column

    In order for the trigger to work, just bring your hand to the lever. It has a built-in backlight to make it easier to find in the dark. It also offers an application with which you can control settings, such as sensor sensitivity and lighting color.

    However, the device is not cheap - it will cost customers about $ 600 to $ 1,000, depending on the model of the toilet.

    Smart shower system

    Physical mixers are already becoming obsolete - buttons and touch screens are the future. The Kohler DTV Mode Shower, being part of the company's digital shower line, at first glance looks like a traditional mechanical kit.

    In reality, however, it can be many things, they were deprived of simple showers. It can preheat the pipes to avoid the first cold water flow, set the exact water temperature and procedure time.

    There will also be a remote on/off button and Bluetooth to connect to iOS and Android apps.

    The DTV Mode controller will cost $225, but you'll also need an $825 smart valve to make it all work.

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