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  • iLife V7S Plus will free up time for your favorite series

    The two main tasks of a robot vacuum cleaner are to make the floor cleaner and save time for its owner. The feature of the iLife V7S Plus model with a capacious battery and automatic recharging is wet and dry cleaning without changing the container. A smart assistant is able to navigate “rough terrain”, avoid falls from a height and work on a schedule, automatically returning to the charging station.

    iLife V7s Plus

    The peculiarity of the iLife V7s Plus model is the ability to simultaneously install two containers at once: a dust collector and a 450 ml water tank - the capacity of the latter is enough for wet cleaning of the entire apartment. With this design, you do not have to constantly swap both modules in places, choosing a mode. Scheduled work is also supported: you can assign the device cleaning at a time when nobody is at home so as not to be distracted by noise.

    According to the manufacturer, the suction capacity of an automatic cleaner is not only enough for dust - but it will also cope with larger debris. On one charge, the robot can do its duties for up to two hours in a row: during this time, it will have time to walk through several rooms without problems. When discharged, the vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the outlet, and after “refueling” will continue what was started.

    iLife V7s Plus

    The system of on-board sensors located around the perimeter of the case will save from collisions with obstacles of the robot - they will not allow the device to crash into furniture and damage it. Having noticed an obstacle, iLife V7s Plus will not stand up as a pillar but will overtake it and continue to work. Prevents smart electronics and the device falling from a height thanks to the sensors installed in the lower part.

    On AliExpress, you can buy the iLife V7s Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $ 189.99.

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