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  • iLife V5s: double whammy for home routine

    For those who are not afraid of an uprising of machines, a robot vacuum cleaner will become a reliable home assistant: although it will not replace a whole cleaning company, it will significantly reduce the time for a routine set of events with a bucket and a rag. The iLife V5s Pro will not only save the floor from dust, but also perform the function of a mop, and upon completion of work, he will return to the “garage” himself, without getting under his feet.

    iLife V5s

    The robot easily copes with dirt and dust on hard surfaces. The “forced” power mode of the brushless motor will even collect relatively large debris from the floor without making a lot of noise. And for carrying out wet cleaning it is enough to fill a special tank with water. While iLife is moving, the cleaning cloth is evenly wetted, leaving no streaks, and when stopped, the fluid supply is turned off. This feature is very useful - it allows you to adjust the flow of water and prevents the risk of flooding the floor and the robot itself.

    iLife V5s

    Despite its compact size, which allows the robot to easily crawl under furniture, its battery is capacious. On one charge, the device is able to work up to two hours: for cleaning an average apartment this is enough with a margin. Recharging is automatic, which eliminates the need to constantly carry a vacuum cleaner to a power outlet.

    On the ground, the iLife V5s Pro can navigate thanks to the built-in set of sensors: it will not crash into furniture or fall from high thresholds, but will carefully avoid obstacles encountered. Four modes of operation are supported, including scheduled cleaning and room perimeter cleaning.

    You can buy an iLife V5s Pro robot vacuum cleaner on AliExpress for $ 146.56.

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