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  • Fragment 8 Digital Camera Announced for Retro Shooting

    Hong Kong-based startup Lofty Factory has introduced the original Fragment 8 camera for users who are nostalgic for the era of the birth of mobile film shooting. The developers have tried to exactly repeat the functionality of the original devices designed for Super 8 format film.

    Fragment 8 is capable of recording 720p video for up to two minutes. To save the footage, a USB port is provided, through which the finished material can be transferred to a PC. The finished video is converted to MP4 or GIF formats, which allows you to instantly publish the video on the network.

    Like the original Super 8 camera, the digital gadget received an optical rather than an electronic viewfinder. It is possible to adjust the frame rate - from 9 fps to create a retro effect to "cinematic" 24 fps. The developers assure that a special processing algorithm completely repeats the "faded tones" and noises that were characteristic of the Super 8 format era.

    Fragment 8 Digital Camera Announced for Retro Shooting

    The design of the camera was exactly copied from the original gadget, but instead of adjusting the focal length, the developers used a system of three lenses, each of which is responsible for creating a certain visual effect: a star filter, a kaleidoscope, and a radial filter with a strong blurring of the edges.

    To launch mass production, Lofty Factory announced a campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. First investors will be able to purchase the camera for $78.

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